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The Other Side of Medicine

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As a physician there are observations I have made about the medical field. I have been out of formal medical training for a little over six years, but many of the things I have seen tell me there is a problem  with healthcare in the United States. The issues in healthcare have been largely misrepresented by the  government, medical corporations, pharmaceutical companies, as well as health insurance companies.  As a result, there are some observations that I would like to share. What I hope to do is give one physician’s perspective on healthcare.

There are many issues that physicians and other providers face in healthcare that get very  little attention in public media. For those who work in the medical field in some way, I hope these observations help express what many have been thinking, but may not have had the time or means to properly express. For those not in the medical field and the public in general, I hope they come away feeling better informed and educated about healthcare. Hopefully with knowledge and awareness, the public may change their perspective on healthcare, and in turn feel empowered to make truly beneficial changes that affect everyone.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be discussing healthcare from a physicians point of view. Please join us as we talk about the other side of medicine.

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